Tuesday, May 22, 2018

So we're having a....


We are very excited to announce that our family is growing!! Baby #5 coming this November!!

8 week ultrasound...

13 week ultrasound...

Me at 12 weeks...

The first trimester was ROUGH. I was sick almost all day everyday. Never in the mornings so I was still able to exercise every day, but evenings were terrible. I finally started taking Diclegis at week 7 which helped with the nausea a bit but the month of April was definitely rocky. I am now just over 13 weeks with a little baby bump and feeling much better, with only occasional nausea rather than the constant sickness from weeks 6-12. As I am of "advanced maternal age" (38) I have more tests and ultrasounds which so far have all come back clear and the baby looks great so far. We had a blood test yesterday that will check for possible chromosomal abnormalities and will also tell us the baby's gender. We should find out those results in the next week or so which is exciting. With two boys and two girls already, this baby will be the tiebreaker!!

The kids and Jason are beyond excited about this little one. It admittedly took me a little while to get on board with having another baby, especially since being pregnant is hard and natural delivery is very painful for me. But I had a wonderful spiritual experience in the temple last October that helped me realize another little one was meant to come into our family. So right around Thanksgiving we will have an extra special blessing enter into our lives and hearts this year!!

Sunday, May 13, 2018


Abby has enjoyed playing another season of volleyball at the YMCA this Spring. She is now in the 6th-8th grade league and her team is quite good. They named themselves the "Flaming Hot Cheetos!"

Quite a talented group of young volleyball players!!

A few shots of Abby in action during one of her games. She has practice every Wednesday evening and then games on Saturdays.

It is fun to watch these girls play. Abby has been playing volleyball at the YMCA since 3rd grade so it has been neat to watch her progress over all these years!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Munchkins with Mom

On Friday, May 11th, I headed over to Paramount Elementary with the boys for "Munchkins with Mom." We had fun eating some donut holes together and then worked on a special Mother's Day craft before school started that day.
My boys are crazy and loud, but I sure do love them and feel blessed to call them mine!!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Feeding Ducks

We have been enjoying some beautiful weather here in Maryland lately so we have taken advantage of it by enjoying several park dates. On Wednesday, May 9th we headed over to City Park with some friends and played for a bit before buying some food to feed the ducks. Maylie loved doing this and got quite a kick out of her new webbed-footed friends!!

She was especially enamored when the ducks would stick their bums up in the air to get some food down below the water.

After she ran out of food, she spent the rest of the time terrorizing the ducks by chasing after them in an attempt to try and pet them. This girls is quite the animal lover, sometimes a bit TOO much!!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Mary Poppins!!

After months of preparation and lots of after school and late night rehearsals, Abby performed as Mrs. Corry and in the ensemble of her school's presentation of "Mary Poppins."

On Friday, the cast made the front page of the local newspaper. You can see Abby as the crazy pink-haired lady on the left in this newspaper clip...

She was very excited for her first big performance. The kids and their teachers all worked so hard on this production and it showed. The show was amazing!!

I was able to go both Friday and Saturday nights and was completely floored by the talent of singing, dancing and acting that these middle-school kids displayed.

Here is one of the ensemble pieces that Abby was in called "Precision & Order."

Part of the lighted umbrella scene too...

Abby had a lot of people from the ward and other friends who came to watch both Friday and Saturday night. Our whole family came on Saturday night including my sister and her family and some other ward members.

Here she is after the show with Olivia who played Jane. They were both so thrilled with how everything turned out!!

I caught their principal, Mr. Mauriello taking a selfie with these two sweet girls too!

A shot of Abby with her friend and neighbor Lauren who played the Bird Woman.

I didn't get any pictures of Abby in her costume as Mrs. Corry so I hope to get my hands on some soon. It was quite the getup with her pink spiky wig and crazy clothes. Mrs. Corry was the one who came up with the letters for "Supercalafagilisticexpialadocious."

It was an amazing production and so fun to see Abby right in her element. She LOVED it!!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Door Slam

While we were at Landon's math competition, we got a phone call from Abby's school. She had gotten her fingers slammed in a heavy metal door during play rehearsal. She was a trooper and despite the pain, she wanted to stay and finish rehearsal but her teacher thought the gashes were pretty deep and needed to be looked at. I stayed with Landon to finish out his math competition and Jason picked up Abby to take her to urgent care. Fortunately her fingers were not broken but she did need to have the wounds glued shut and has to bandage them up tight so she can't bend them and reopen the wounds. Her big play "Mary Poppins" is coming up this weekend and we are hopping that her fingers heal well enough to not impede her performance. What a day!!

24 Competition

On Wednesday, My 2nd Landon was one of four 4th graders to represent Paramount Elementary in the County 24 Math Competition. He was really nervous going in and I tried to be reassuring and just have him to his best. The first two rounds consisted of over 100 4th graders competing at different tables together. The stress level was super high for all those kids and their parents too!!

They took their total scores from the first two rounds and announced the top 16. Landon was the only one from his school at both the 4th and 5th grade levels to make the top group!! He was very excited!!

He was a bit bummed about not making the top 4 after that, but was still pleased with his efforts. He came home with even more of a desire to practice and get better so that he will be able to compete again next year as a 5th grader!

Way to go Math Whiz Landon!!