Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Distinguished Honor Roll

Abby made the Distinguished Honor Roll at Western Heights Middle School for the first marking period which means she scored a 90 or higher in all of her classes. They had a little ceremony on Wednesday, December 6th to celebrate all the honor roll kids.

She sure is rocking this middle school thing!!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

4th/5th Grade Musical

Landon participated in the 4th/5th grade musical production of "The Granny Awards" on Thursday, November 30th. He was so nervous because he really doesn't enjoy being on stage in front of a bunch of people which is quite the opposite from Abby who is a natural performer.

He did so well in his role as one of the helpers, Smiley!

Proud of him for going outside of his comfort zone and he even wore pants which if you know Landon is quite the miracle in itself!!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Black Friday at Six Flags

We spent Thanksgiving in Frederick with my sister and their two families. We did a lot of eating, talking, and playing from Wednesday to Saturday. Since both Tasha's and our families have season passes to Six Flags and we had some free tickets to get Lara's family in for free, we decided to spend Black Friday there. The decorations were so fun and the atmosphere was way better than any shopping mall!

All the kids minus Nolan who refused to get in the photo!

Maylie loving the Merry-go-round!

Abby was a good sport to go on a lot of the kiddie ride with Maylie!

Around 5 p.m. the Christmas lights started to come on which really turned the whole park into a winter wonderland!

I definitely liked these decorations over the ones at Halloween which were a little too gruesome for me. We had fun on lots of rides and even watched a couple of shows before calling it a night around 6 p.m. We spend the rest of the evening doing our cousins Christmas celebration which is always a lot of fun. I am so grateful that I live close enough to get together with two of my sisters and their families so regularly. Now if only we could convince my oldest sister Tami to move out here too!

Monday, November 20, 2017

6th Grade Chorus Concert

The 6th graders at Western Heights Middle School held their first concert of the year on Monday, November 20th. They sounded so wonderful and it was fun to see Abby continue to develop her musical abilities!!

Her and Sydney have become pretty good friends this year and I'm glad she still has several friends from Paramount that she gets to see at her new middle school!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Sugar Plum Dance 2017

On Saturday, November 18th, Jason took Abby and Maylie to the Sugar Plum Dance, the annual Father-Daughter dance that Meritus Hospital puts on each year. This was Abby's third year going and Maylie was awfully excited to be going for the first time!!

Abby and I searched high and low for a new dress for her the Saturday before and finally found one that she loved after 4 hours of shopping!!

Our sweet girls all ready for the big dance!!

Such a fun holiday tradition for these girls and their Daddy!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Skyline Caverns

The kids had Friday, November 11th off from school so we headed down to Skyline Caverns down in Virginia for a little day trip.

This was a pretty amazing cavern and we all enjoyed touring around the different formations.

This was "The Eagle" and I think it was our favorite one!

It was a fun way to spend a fall day!!

Sunday, November 5, 2017


On Saturday, November 4th the Cub Scouts held their annual rocket launch at Misty Meadows Creamery. Landon was very excited about his event!!

His first rocket attempt almost cost him some finger as it exploded while he was still touching it!! But fortunately they got it all figured out and his second launch went much more smoothly.

We finished off the afternoon with some yummy ice cream which made it fun for the whole family!!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

6th Grade Volleyball

Abby had a great time playing on the 6th grade girl's volleyball team at Western Height Middle School. She learned a lot and became an even better player by the end of the season. It was a big time commitment, with either a practice or a game every single night of the week, but she had a great little team and made some good friends along the way. 

We had a great team photographer who took pictures at every game and got some great pictures of Abby. I will just let the pictures do the talking as I loved all of these amazing shots that he was able to get!!

Go Lady Grizzlies!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


The Ladners came over for dinner and trick-or-treating with us which always makes Halloween even more fun for all of us. This year we had a witch's daughter (Abby), a Nexo Knight (Landon), Darth Vader (Coldon), Rey (Reygan), Captain America (Nolan), Princess Elsa (Maylie), and a dinosaur (Willow).

I was amazed that we were actually able to get a picture with all of the kids and no one was crying!!

Of course we needed another picture with "Anna" and "Elsa" too!

All the kids loved trick-or-treating but Maylie really got into it this year. She was so excited about all the candy she was getting just from knocking on people's doors. She kept asking for days afterward when we would be going again!