Sunday, July 31, 2016

Harry Potter's Birthday

We celebrated Harry Potter's birthday with a special party at a donut shop down in West Virginia. The entire place was decked out with Harry Potter paraphernalia including some special donuts for the occasion.

These are all some pretty cute wizards if you ask me!

Abby even got all decked out in her Hermione costume from a couple of years ago to mark the special day...

We also tried some "polyjuice potion" and "butterbeer" while we were there.

I am now reading book #5 in the Harry Potter series with Abby and Landon and they are loving it. It is fun to share such a fun series with them!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Outer Banks 2016

This was our 5th year going to the Outer Banks with my side of the family, and for the first time ever, I was a little hesitant about going. Our Outer Banks trip in 2015 was such a great one and it was the last time I saw my Mom before she passed away. Three months later by Dad joined her. I thought that perhaps going back to the Outer Banks without my parents would be really difficult, but I was actually pleasantly surprised with how much we enjoyed ourselves. We talked a lot about Mom and Dad while we were there, a few tears were shed, but mostly we just enjoyed basking in the family legacy that my parents have left us. We enjoyed spending time on the beach, playing in the pool, going on walks along the boardwalk, shopping, and eating ice cream. It was such a nice vacation and I really felt it was exactly where my parents would want us to be, gathered together and having fun despite their physical absence.

Unfortunately without my Mom there, very few pictures were taken. We did manage to take this picture of Nolan trying to put some sunscreen on himself. Not sure if he quite got enough!!!!

Here is the Cleveland Clan, minus my oldest sister Tami and her husband who were unable to come this year. A lot has changed this last year with my parents passing, but we are so grateful to still have each other.
These pictures were taken on the deck of Poppy's Place, the beach home we rent every year that holds some very precious memories for us all.

Looking at this family, I realize my Mom and Dad continue to live on in each one of us and for that I am very grateful!!