Friday, October 29, 2010

Reynolds Farm Trip

On Thursday, October 14th, we headed up to Pennsylvania to visit Reynolds Farm with Abby's preschool group. We have visited a lot of different pumpkin patches around these parts and Reynolds Farm is my favorite. Probably because the kids can have a lot of fun and unless you buy a pumpkin, everything is FREE!!!

Diggin' for gold...

Riding a "John Deere" tractor bike...

Landon tried the bikes too, but his little legs weren't quite long enough!

Our group making our way through the mini corn maze. The kids really loved running along the paths inside.

The highlight of the day were these long slides the kids took turns riding down. Landon was a bit freaked out by them so he decided to make his own (slightly slower and definitely dirtier) version!

I think I've said it about a thousand times... but


Thursday, October 28, 2010

City Fall Festival

We have really been hitting up all the fall festivals and pumpkin patches around this area. The weather has been gorgeous every weekend in October and we have taken advantage of it by spending our time enjoying the great outdoors. At the beginning of the month, we started out by going to the City of Hagerstown Fall Festival at Fairgrounds Park. It was pretty crowded but the kids enjoyed getting a free pumpkin, eating apples, watching some dance groups perform, devouring some ice cream, and visiting the petting zoo.

Hay was also fascinating for these two (we bypassed making our own scarecrow...I wasn't sure what we would do with a giant stuffed man once we brought it home!)

Landon LOVES anything with four legs...just like his big sister!

The highlight of the day was the train ride around the park in these barrel-like things. Good thing too, because we had to wait in a HUGE line just to go on them!!

We actually went to a church festival down the street from our house on the morning before General Conference where the kids tried out a similar train for the first time. They also got lots of prizes and free food from that festival too.

I tell ya, much to Jason's chagrin, I am the master of finding free things to do around these parts!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jumping Jack and Jill

Our neighbors were upgrading to a heavy-duty trampoline for their older kids

and asked us if we would like their old one. Never one to turn down free sources of entertainment (and fun fitness too!) we eagerly took it off their hands!!!

We are loving these trampoline-filled days of Fall!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Future Hairdresser

Abby loves dressing Landon up in all of her pretty princess dresses and fixing his hair into beautiful styles...
Landon doesn't always enjoy all of this "beautifying" but he is usually a good sport about it (at least most of the time!!) I guess that's what comes with being the younger brother to a "girlie-girl" to the MAX!