Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our Weird Kids

Just thought I would share a glimpse of our lives by showing our two kids and their latest obsessions...
Abby is always trying to fix/comb/brush somebody's hair (Mom, Dad, Maya the dog, Landon.) When she can't find a volunteer to work on, she has to settle with doing her own hair. From these pictures, you can get a sense of what it feels like to have Abby "do" your hair. (And she wonders why nobody likes to volunteer!!!)
(For the record it took me about 20 minutes to untangle this comb from her hair...)

Landon wants to put anything and everything in his mouth, including his mommy's chin. Everybody keeps telling me he must be teething, but Abby was the same way and she didn't pop her first tooth until she was 13 months old, so I do have my doubts that we'll be seeing any chompers soon. The other day, Jason came home and asked what had happened to my face. Turns out I had two big bruises under my chin that were perfect little circles, the exact same shape and size as some little boy's mouth. Yes, it's true, my baby gave me a hicky. Oh the joys of being a chew toy!!!

And just for fun, a video of our little sports fan in action. He really couldn't make his daddy any prouder!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Colonial Williamsburg

Here are a few more pictures from our Cleveland Family reunion. My mom took over 500 pictures over the course of 4 days, so these were just a few from her collection!!

Revolutionary War reenactments...(Abby was a little scared by the gunfire and cannons, Landon hardly noticed!!)

Travelin' in style!!
Family entertainment before TV and Internet...

Our adorable little revolutionaries...
We've decided to use this new version of "time-out" to control our little booger!
My mom made these fun reunion shirts for everyone. It was nice because we could easily spot each other wherever we went!

I included this picture just because I think it is too darn cute!!

We had a great time in Williamsburg and we hope to go back again soon. I would definitley recommend it as a great place for a family vacation!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We had a fun Halloween in Hagerstown this year. We were a bit lazy about getting pumpkins though. We went to a pumpkin patch and everything, but alas it got too cold for us to stay for the actual "pumpkin-picking" part (too many other fun things to do, according to Abby.) We did go to the grocery store on Halloween and found their last two pumpkins, one of which is pictured below. Obviously, their pickings were slim at this point!:) Abby did enjoy decorating it with a black marker while wearing her Raggedy Ann outfit (I let her wear this hand-me-down costume from her cousin Paige during the day and we saved her warmer costume for trick-or-treating.)

Abby was a cat this year. If you recognize the costume, props to you!! It's actually the same costume she wore last year. It still fit, we couldn't find anything cuter, so there you go!

Landon was our little turtle this year. I thought he would hate this little get-up, but he actually wore it the entire time we went trick-or-treating. What a cutie-pie!!

My two cuties together!!

We actually didn't get any pictures of the actual trick-or-treating event. Abby really wasn't all that into it (very surprising to her parents since we know how much she loves candy.) I think after she filled her bag a bit, she was just ready to go home and eat it. It was an absolute gorgeous fall evening though, so it was still fun to be out in our neighborhood and see all the kids dressed up.

  • In other news, is it just me, or is anybody else ready for this election to be over? I enjoy politics and all, but it just seems like it has been dragging on for years (oh, wait, it has been!!) so I'm glad that after today (hopefully) we can end this drama. I did vote this morning, with the two kids in tow. We were in and out in less than 10 minutes which was nice. I'm not a huge supporter of either candidate, but I'm sure we'll watch a lot of the election coverage tonight. I think I know who will win, but it will be interesting to see how close it really will be.

  • I have to agree with my brother-in-law though in that I really think that whoever ends up winning this election will only serve one term. I really believe the economy will tank in the next few years. The current mortgage crisis is just a drop in the bucket to what we may be facing soon (credit card defaults, baby boomers retiring and pulling money out of the stock market, etc.) The president will likely be blamed (like always, even though he really has little control over what actually happens) and he will lose his bid for a second term. Just my little prediction though.