Sunday, August 25, 2013


This summer has been very unusual weather wise. We only had about one week of pretty hot/humid weather in mid-July and then the rest of the summer has been extremely mild. Almost everyday in August our high was in the 70's (it was heavenly!!) We also got quite a bit of rain this year which has been great for our grass but made some of our outdoor activities a bit more difficult. However, we still took full advantage of our weekly trips to Greenbrier State Park, even if it was a bit chilly at times! Jason was able to come with us a few weeks ago and he snapped these photos. With all of our beach gear in tow, the camera is always last on my list of things to bring!

Greenbrier is so gorgeous with all the trees surrounding the lake...

All three kids enjoyed building creations in the sand this year.

And Nolan LOVED the water. Unfortunately he has no fear of going under so I had to watch him like a hawk. He would often be walking around with water up to his chin and still trying to go further out!
 Oh, how I will miss these carefree summer days!!