Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Livin' it up on the farm

While we were in Colorado, we were able to take Abby to a place called "Moon Farm," a place I really loved going to as a kid. Abby loved all of the different animals, especially the goat she walked around calling "Doggy" and kept trying to hug. The picture of her trying to feed the miniature horses cracks me up. She saw me pick up a big handful of hay and was amazed as the animals ate right from my hand so she thought she would give it a try. She picked up one little piece of hay and held it out for them to eat. The horses sniffed it, looked at her and then disgustingly seemed to say "That ain't gonna cut it little girl." She was highly disappointed that they wouldn't eat her meager offering!

Abby has this really cute fetish right now with shoes. Anytime she sees shoes sitting all by their lonesomes, she feels a need to try them on and prance around the house. She really takes the advice to "walk a mile in someone else's shoes" to heart. Here she is with her Daddy's big tennis shoes on. They were so heavy that she could hardly lift them up to walk, but that doesn't mean she didn't try!

Monday, June 18, 2007

We are "blogging!"

After much delay, we have finally entered the blogging world. We decided that now would be a good time to start since we will soon be making our 11th move (yes, I did say 11th) and we want to keep in contact with so many of you while we are in Maryland. Abby and I recently returned from a fun-filled two weeks in Colorado visiting my family. My mom is still the same photo-a-holic that she has always been so Abby had literally hundreds of pictures taken of her while we were there. We did get a few really good ones showing off her new joys and talents. We just love our little buga-boo!

Folding her arms (she normally only does this for the very start of prayers and then proceeds to look around at everyone, wondering what we are all doing!)

Modeling her new favorite purse and hat. She is such a little girlie-girl!

Abby is a huge animal-lover. Anytime she sees an animal (real or stuffed, it doesn't really matter) she wants to give it a big hug!

So I could share a ton more pictures that I think are just too cute, but I'll save that for tomorrow!! Have a good one!