Monday, November 25, 2013

Annapolis Half Marathon

I suffered a pretty serious hamstring injury in August which took me a while to recover from. I really wanted to do a Fall race, but wasn't sure if I would heal in time to fit one in. At the beginning of October, I had a really good, pain-free 8-miler so I immediately checked out the local half-marathons to see if I could fit one in. I found one in Annapolis near the end of November and signed up with just a few weeks to get myself ready for it.

On Saturday, November 23rd, I ran my 5th Half Marathon. We stayed in a hotel near the race since we had never been to Annapolis before and the race was scheduled to start at 7 a.m. Annapolis is a gorgeous city, but the course itself left a bit to be desired (out and back with lots of little side streets and turn around points.) My main goal was to run a strong a consistent race and hopefully finish under two hours. I ended up averaging an 8:44 pace and every mile except for the first one (weaving for position), I was within 10 seconds of that time. I felt strong all the way to the end and felt great about my efforts.
I am so thankful for a healthy body that allowed me to race. Coming back from an illness or an injury always makes you appreciate your health so much more!

Monday, November 18, 2013

First Gymnastics Meet

I have a bit of catch up to do for the last six weeks, so here we go... 

 On Saturday, November 16th, Abby had her first gymnastics competition in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania (about two hours northwest of Hagerstown.) She was pretty nervous going into it because she wasn't really sure what to expect. She looked so little out there, but it was so fun to see her compete! 

Here she is waiting for the judges to give her the go-ahead (I love the discipline and poise that gymnastics teaches.)

The uneven bars are her favorite event and she received her best score of the day on this event and took second place.

Look at that beautiful form (she really does have pretty lines for being so young...)

She also loves her floor routine. This is how it begins...

She got 3rd place for her floor routine...

She is a bit nervous on the beam (I don't blame her. That beam is teeny!) She didn't place on the beam, but she didn't fall off of it either so that was an accomplishment! We didn't get any photos of her last event (vault) because it was pretty far from where we were sitting, but it isn't one of her strengths either. She lacks a bit of power to get into the proper handstand position, but it will come eventually. She did end up placing 3rd on vault though.

Here she is receiving some of her medals...
She ended up taking 4th place All-Around and came home with four shiny medals all together. She was so excited to show them off to everyone, and even brought one to church the next day to show our Bishop. Such a cute little gymnast!!