Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Dream Come True!!

After failed attempts at piano lessons, dance lessons and swimming lessons, I was about ready to give up on finding something Abby wouild enjoy doing. We did have her in a small gymnastics class when she was 3, and while she loved it, Jason and I were both a bit worried about how competitive, time consuming and costly it seemed to become in just a short amount of time. We eventually decided to pull her out before she could get too far with it.
Abby adored watching the Olympic gymnasts this summer and after begging over and over again to try gymnastics again, we finally decided to make her dreams come true. I was able to find another studio in town that seemed to be a bit more laid back as well as being less expensive so we decided to give gymnastics another go. She's only had one lesson thus far, but she was SOOOOOOO excited about it and loved flipping over the uneven bars ("Just like the Olympics," she exclaimed.)
I have to amit that this girl has a lot of natural talent so I hope it is something that she will enjoy doing. I just hope we can make it so that it doesn't consume her life, or ours.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Soccer Superstar

Wednesday, September 5th marked a big day in the life of our little Landon...it was the first day that he was finally of age to play soccer!! (Soccer begins at age 4 around here so this fall season is his first opporunity to play.) This boy has been all about sports and balls since practically the day he was born so he has been really excited to officially start his athletic career. (Jason and I are also betting on his athletic ability paying for our retirement so we encourage him to play whenever we can!!...just kidding, kind of!)
Here he is with his official Locomotive gear and ball...

After a few serene poses at the front door, I told him to show me an action shot and this is what I got...

See, I told you this kids got some mad skills!!
One of his "assistant" coaches is actually the Athletic Director and head soccer coach at South High School. Yeah, this league is pretty good and Landon loved his first day of soccer. It made me sad to think how grown up he looked out there on those soccer fields, but it made me happy to see him doing something that he loves so much!! Goooooo Landon!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day Fun!

After cleaning out all the boxes in the basement (I am so proud of the organization down there, I really should take a picture of it!!), I discovered this sprinkler thing that had been sitting in a box since who knows how long. We decided to use it to bid an unofficial goodbye to summer on Labor Day (the temperatures still make it seem like summer but whatever!)
To say they had fun would be quite the understatement...
I mean look at this face?!?!? Doesn't it just scream extreme thrill and excitement?!?! 
Abby joined in on the fun a bit later (after a bit of a pity party for herself, can't quite remember why but we're still working on those around here!!) They had fun trying to get each other all wet.
Then they had the brilliant idea to take it on the trampoline with them.
This really doubled the fun...water and jumping combined? Oh yes we will!!
So goodbye to summer! You've been a blast but we all know how much fun Fall is too. We're looking forward to all the pumpkin patches, cool weather and beatiful fall leaves!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Little Mr. Mischief

I have a love/hate relationship with the stage that Nolan is in right now. I love the sense of discovery and wonder, I love the teetering steps all over the house, I love how he gives the best snuggles and can't talk back yet. But the thing that I despise is....all the messes!! I swear I spend the majority of my day going from place to place around the house cleaning up after this little guy. Good thing he's so cute....that gets him out of a lot of trouble!
His newest obsessions are playing with the pots and fitting himself into small spaces. On this day, he managed to do both at the same time...
After pulling all the pots and pans out, he was then able to use the space to his advantage...
Oh how I love this little guy, his mess-making abilities and all!!