Friday, March 31, 2017

Activity Days Recognition

They held a fun recognition night for the Activity Day girls at the end of March. It was a fun way to celebrate these fun girls and all that they accomplish and do in this program!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Class Pictures

I didn't order any class pictures this year, but Ms. Austin scanned these into her classroom website so it was fun to see. 

Here are all the amazing teachers that make Paramount Elementary so great...

And here is Nolan's cute little Kindergarten class!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Leprechaun Trouble!

Nolan's Kindergarten teacher is so much fun. The kids came into their classroom on March 17th and found some evidence that some sneaky Leprechauns had been there! Nolan thought this was so funny and got quite a kick out of it!

Saturday, March 18, 2017


After waiting for three months, winter finally decided to come just one week before the official start to Spring. We got about 8 inches of snow on March 14th and the kids got one snow day and two delayed starts out of it. Jason helped them build a sledding route in our front yard before he headed to work around noon that day. The kids all enjoyed some fun in all that white powdery stuff!

Nolan's Kindergarten class took full advantage of the snow while it lasted on the ground. They made snowmen, snow forts, and did a lot of sledding that week.

Okay winter, you've had your chance. Now it's time for Spring to arrive!!

Sunday, March 12, 2017


This girl is so much fun to be around...except when she can't move and run around of her own freewill! While Landon was at a batting cage for baseball practice one Saturday, Maylie was getting into EVERYTHING so I took her outside for a while to help control the situation. We found a little playground nearby. Suddenly she was as good as gold and loved swinging to her little heart's content!

We managed to stay outside for about 30 minutes before we got too cold to last any longer. We sure can't wait for Spring to finally arrive so we can have more fun play dates outside together!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Family Dance

Our ward held a family dance on Friday, March 10th with a fun luau theme. The decorations and food were all so fun...

Maylie even got in some kayaking with her little friend Ayda!

Nolan's favorite activity of the night was collecting all of the leis and wearing them all at once. He looked pretty fun strutting around the gym like this. I don't know how he could stand all the plastic around his neck!!
Our family performed a dance on stage that evening to the song "We Know the Way" from Moana which was fun to work on and perform together.

 Jason also did a fun lip sync with three other men from the ward to some made-up lyrics from "Ice Ice Baby" but related to Elder's Quorum instead. The ward loved it!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Harper's Ferry

Jason's parents came back with us from Shanna's house and were able to spend a few days with us. Unfortunately the wonderful February weather we had been enjoying turned cold as we entered into March, but we still had fun. On Monday, we took them to Harper's Ferry which was a lot of fun. We also treated them to ice cream at Nutter's, a family favorite. 

We spent Tuesday running errands and Abby and her Grandma made lots of yummy treats including bread, kolaches, and cinnamon rolls. They had to leave for the airport on Wednesday morning but it was fun to have them with us for a quick visit!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Science Center Fun

We headed up to Pittsburgh on Saturday, March 4th and used our ASTC passes to attend the Carnegie Science Center for free! We had been there a few years ago and the kids were all anxious to go back. We started out in the Sports Arena where the kids tested their athletic abilities in many different ways.

We found out that this little girl has pretty strong arms with a good hang-time!

Nolan loved practicing his short distance sprinting...

And Abby, Landon, and Nolan all loved this huge rock wall. They were amazing!!

After a few hours, we headed inside the main building where we had some lunch and then played in the different areas. Maylie especially loved all the different water areas!

Abby was thrilled that she was finally big enough to do the rocket activity.

Here she is stimulating a repair in space!

We spent that night at a really nice hotel just outside of Pittsburgh where we enjoyed some time swimming and watching movies!

The next day we headed a bit further north to attend Shanna's ward and see her new baby Lydia. They blessed her that day which was fun to be a part of. We didn't get to spend long because we had to leave right after church, but it was a nice visit.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dr. Seuss' Birthday!

When you're in Kindergarten, you get to celebrate lots of fun things, like Dr. Seuss' birthday today!!

Nolan is becoming quite a good little reader which is fun and exciting for all of us!

Whiz Kids!

Landon got a special award at school for memorizing the location of all 50 states on the map. Only four kids in his class were able to do this so they were awarded with a pizza party.

As you can see, Landon was head over heels excited about this!

He also completed a big geography packet which earned him 50 classroom bucks, a big deal for this kid!

Yeah for geography, pizza, and this crazy 3rd-grader that I get to call mine!