Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When a two-year-old dresses himself...

This is how it turns out...
Close buddy, real close!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wishing for Sunny Days...

During one of our trips to the "Five Below" store, Nolan surprised us with this new look...

I think after this crazy winter, we are all looking forward to getting some more sun!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Big 34!

I turned 34 years old on Saturday, January 18th and my family did a great job of making it a special day. Jason created an "Amazing Race" type adventure that we all enjoyed doing which included stops at the mall to purchase new workout clothes, lunch at Cafe Rio, opening up presents and cards at home, dinner at Cafe Del Sol and ice cream at Coldstone. I felt very loved and am excited to see what 34 holds for me. My 30s have been great so far!
(Abby made this awesome birthday crown for me to wear while I opened gifts and cards and even decorated the house with posters and signs wishing me a very happy birthday. She also made everyone a yummy breakfast to start off our day. She is such a thoughtful little girl!)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Legos at the Library!

We just discovered that on every third Friday of the month, our local library has a LEGO build competition. Each month is a different theme and January's theme was race cars. They had a track (a lot like the one used for the pinewood Derby cars) and each child was given the task to build the fastest LEGO car possible. All three kids enjoyed giving it a whirl!!

Nolan and I built a pretty basic car and he spent the rest of the time racing it against everyone else. He LOVED it!

An action shot of Landon in the midst of jumping up and down with excitement before the start of one his races!

Our main library has been completely rebuilt and although it took three years to complete, we have been enjoying our nice, new building and all the fun activities that go on there.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What we do when school is cancelled...

After a fun New Year's Eve spent with our Brazilian neighbors across the street, the holidays came to an end on January 2nd when the kids headed back to school. However, the return was short-lived as it snowed a bunch that afternoon and they ended up having the next day off as a "snow day." Our new Christmas sleds came in very handy for this fun activity (We love our sloped yard in the winter, not so much in the summer when we have to mow it!)

We then had a fun weekend before going back to school on Monday and then having school cancelled again on Tuesday (my kids were loving this pattern though...go one day, have one day off, etc.)

The roads were fine that day and the snow was mostly melted, but it was brutally cold (about -10 degrees with the wind chill.) Needless to say, we didn't even venture outside that day but still came up with some fun indoor activities to do.
Nolan thought he was pretty hot stuff for being on the loft! He sure does miss his big sister and brother when they are off at school, so it was fun to have a little extra time together!!