Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Day!!!

No blog posts between Halloween and Thanksgiving, huh? What a slacker am I!!!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with my two sisters and their family. We hosted it this year and we all enjoyed some yummy food prepared mostly by Jason (he brined our turkey this year and it was fabulous.) We also enjoyed lots of talking and gym time (the women) and lots of football and Wii tournaments (the men). Of course all of us enjoyed stuffing our faces in the name of good Thanksgiving fun!! We even ventured out on Black Friday for about an hour (we didn't venture out until after noon and only hit one store, but still scored some pretty sweet deals!)
Here we are enjoying our main meal on Thursday afternoon (notice the three levels of tables...adults, big-kids, and little-kids respectively!)

Grandma Julie was very admant that we take some grandkid pictures. I think this was about as good as we got...

All six Cleveland grandchildren....Chloe (age 11), Paige (age 6), Abigail (age 3), Tyler (age 3), Coldon (age 1) and Landon (age 1).

On Friday night we celebrated an early Christmas since everyone would be spending Christmas day in separate places. All the kids loved getting a little taste of Christmas a month early!!!

The cousins all had such a great time playing with each other (most of the time at least!) There was some serious lack of sleep going on, since most of the cousins shared the same room, but it was pretty cute to listen to them sing and talk late into the night.

And of course there was lots of "cousin-lovin" going on too!!

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday as well. Now time to get ready for Christmas!!! (And hopefully there will be more blog posts between now and then!!)