Thursday, February 21, 2008

Abby's Birthday #2

We had a great time celebrating Abby's birthday together as a family. After Jason came home from work, we had her put on this little headband that said "Birthday Princess" and she wore it for the rest of the night. I really thought it would only last for a couple of pictures, but she loved it and didn't want to take it off.

Then we had her open up her gifts which she loved doing. She got a new tricycle, a Little People doll house, some clothes, a play phone and some cards/giftcards. I think you will probably be able to tell from the video, but her favorite gift was a singing "Barney." She is really into Barney lately (we have Gold's Gym to thank for that one) but it really is quite cute to listen to her sing "The Barney Song." The only bad/good thing is that Barney really isn't that popular anymore so we had a tough time finding anything Barney related but we were lucky and found this little Barney doll at Toys 'R Us and it has become the new "gotta have it" toy around our house since she opened it up.

After presents, we took her to Chuck E. Cheese. We learned the last time that we were there that the food is pretty nasty so we just played the games and then ate at a place called "Garfield's" nearby. Abby loved Chuck E. Cheese this time, especially the pony ride and the Barney car (of course!) She also played a pretty mad game of Skee-Ball, but was rather menacing as she threw the ball up the ramp instead of rolling it.
After dinner, we came home, ate some ice cream and her cookie cake. We put a candle with the #2 on her cake which she thought was great. That was until we actually lit it, and then she became terrified of the dancing flame. Once the candle was blown out though, she really enjoyed the cookie part.

It was a pretty low-key birthday, but very enjoyable and non-stressful for mom and dad which was great. Happy Birthday lil' one!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Abby!!!

I cannot believe our "baby" is now 2 years old!! She has brought so much joy and love into our lives and we cannot wait to see what her future holds. We love you lil' munchkin and we hope you have a wonderful day today...


(This is her new cheesy grin. I just love it!!)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We're baaaaack!!!

Wow, it has been a really long time since my last post. I know all of my fans have been anxiously awaiting my reports about our exciting lives in Hagerstown, MD so here's a rundown of the most interesting details of the last month or so...

1-I celebrated my 28th birthday on January 18th. Jason kept trying to make me feel old, saying I was now in my "late twenties," but to no avail, I still feel really young. I think part of that stems from feeling really good and having friends who are all in their 30's. Plus, no matter how old I get, I will always be younger than my "almost 30-year-old" hubby!!

2-Two days after my birthday we headed to Colorado for a two-week visit with my family. Abby got sick within a day of arriving with her very first ear infection and bronchitis, so needless to say, the first week was rather miserable with a very sick and clingy toddler. But the second week she was feeling a lot better and we had a good visit.

3-I had my 24-week doctor's appointment right after we got back and have officially gained some weight now. I am up about 4 pounds which I won't complain about since I am now about 6 months pregnant. I definitely look more pregnant too, but thanks to the "tummy sleeve", I can still wear most of my pre-pregnancy pants. Our baby is doing well and enjoys playing trampoline on my bladder at night. And I think we will have another full head of hair on this baby too if my heartburn is any indication.

4-Shortly after arriving home from Colorado, Jason's parents came for a visit. Jason's dad had a work meeting nearby so his mom decided to come along and pay us a visit. It was fun to show them around our home and area. We also got to visit Gettysburg and spend some time with two of Jason's uncles who live in Virginia which was fun. The weather wasn't the greatest, but about as good as you can expect for winter. Abby had a lot of fun playing with Grandpa and asked about them for several days after they left on Saturday.

And that pretty much takes us to today, where we are snowed in (actually iced in would be a more accurate term.) I don't mind driving in snow, but ice is a whole other story. We got all ready to go to the gym, and then I discovered (after slipping on the ice several times on my way out to the car) that I couldn't open the doors as they were all frozen shut. I figured I could spend 30 minutes trying to de-ice the car, or I could just bag it and do my exercises in the basement. I'm sure you can guess which option won out. Abby especially enjoyed helping me with my bench-press exercises, otherwise known as "Abby presses." Since she now weighs about 25-pounds, it was a good workout for my arms too.

Interesting sidenote: Abby really enjoyed voting last night. We took her to our polling place where everyone went ga-ga over her and she even got to help daddy press the buttons to cast his ballot in Maryland's primary. She even got some stickers that said "I voted" and she went around the rest of the night saying "I vote." Gotta start 'em early, right?

We're glad to be back, and hopefully you'll be hearing from me more regularly now. We have a busy week ahead with Valentine's Day and then Abby's birthday (I cannot believe she is almost two!!!) so hopefully we will have a lot of pictures to share. Until then, here's a slideshow of some of my favorite pictures from our Colorado trip...