Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hagerstown Cultural Trail

Last weekend we headed over to to the downtown area for the grand opening of the Hagerstown Cultural Trail. They had lots of activities set up in the parking lot at the start of the trail. 

Maylie and Abby enjoyed the sidewalk chalk.

Nolan and Landon enjoyed climbing to the top of this rock tower...

The trail is a nice stone pathway that connects the downtown area to City Park. There are photos and artwork all along the trail as well. After getting some balloon animals made, we took a picture in front of the "Mural of Unusual Size!"

One portion of the trail is called "Faces of Hagerstown" and includes lots of photos of people who live or work in the area. One of the young women in our ward had her photo chosen for this display and the kids are standing in front of her picture here. Kind of fun that we also know the two young women in the photo as well!

It was a hot afternoon, but we enjoyed taking part of this fun new trail in our city!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Last Baseball Game

Landon has had a great baseball season and has learned a lot this year. He struggled a bit with confidence at the beginning of the season but really improved during the course of the season. Base Hits had their last game on Thursday, June 15th and went out with another win over their rival team, Huntsberry!!

It is always sad when the season ends and it is time to say goodbye to all of these wonderful kids, coaches, and parents.

One last pep talk from their coach, Joe...

Great job on a fantastic season Base Hits!!

Even Nolan and Maylie got in on the final huddle!!

Afterwards, all the kids and players got ice cream, cupcakes and Gatorade. A great way to end the season!!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Black Eye

Last Sunday morning, all was quiet upstairs which should have been a warning to us all. When Maylie came downstairs, we discovered that she had given herself a "black eye."

When we asked her what she was doing, she told us "Putting on my makeup!"

You can tell from these pictures that she was tickled pink with the results.

Little Stinker!!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sports Party

We held Landon's birthday party at the Maugansville Recreation Center on Saturday, June 10th. It was a great place for a bunch of boys to run around and get out all their energy.

It was a sports themed party. Here is Landon in front of the party favors...

And the "Concession stand" complete with water, "corn dogs" (really Twinkies with a stick), baseball cupcakes, chips, gum and Cracker Jack.

We had just enough time to set things up before kids started arriving. We ended up with about 20 kids and several parents who stayed to help manage the chaos. We had scooter races, Dodge Ball, Basketball, Baseball and Kickball all going on at some point. The little ones really enjoyed the scooters and the older kids loved Dodge Ball!

By the end of the party, we had a bunch of happy and sweaty kids!!

I call that a successful party!!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Landon turns 9!

Well this handsome young man turned 9 years old on Sunday, June 4th. He wasn't thrilled about having his birthday on a Sunday this year, but we tried to still make it a special day for him. He got to open his presents that morning and spent the rest of the day playing with his new gifts!

Not only was Landon excited about his new presents, there were a lot of other excited little people running around too!

Cards with money from Grandma & Grandpa Call and my sisters were a big hit as well!

After a yummy dinner of mashed potatoes, rolls and chicken (his favorite!) we invited our neighbors, the Maynes over to eat some ice cream and cake with us.

He managed to blow out all nine candles on the first try!

The next day we went out to eat at his most favorite place in the world...Golden Corral. His Cleveland grandparents would be proud! He got to attend Cub Scouts on Tuesday as a Bear for the first time and he has his birthday party this coming Saturday. It will be a week-long celebration for his 9th birthday this year!!

Landon has definitely started to grow up more this year. Yes, he is still as loud and crazy as ever, but more reasonable and responsive to correction than in the past. He is ridiculously smart, a whiz at math, has passed all of his reading and math levels at school and continues to amaze us with his athletic skills. He is super competitive (still trying to work on that one!) but we love his drive and zest for life. 

We sure do love this little nine-year-old!!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Spring Volleyball

Abby wrapped up her Spring volleyball season on Saturday, June 3rd. They had another great match that day, although Abby had an injured wrist from Field Day so serving for her was a bit painful. She wasn't about to miss out on her last game though!

Her serves are definitely getting stronger and she is becoming a very good all-around volleyball player.

She is hoping to make the Middle School volleyball team in the Fall at Western Heights.

I am so happy that she has found a sport that she enjoys!

After their final game, her coaches Laura and Liz took them all out for ice cream at Misty Meadows Creamery. It was a fun way for them to celebrate a winning season!

They ended with a presentation of trophies and pictures.

Another ending for Abby, but so glad she had such an amazing time!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

5th Grade Recognition

On Wednesday, May 31st Abby had her 5th Grade recognition ceremony. Admittedly I was not looking forward to this event and really neither was Abby. She has had such an amazing experience at Paramount Elementary and we were both really sad to see it coming to an end. 

There were lots of parents and grandparents there to welcome all the 5th graders as they marched in...

Abby looked a little unsure of the whole thing. Emotions were running high for everyone!!

During the ceremony, Abby was recognized for her achievement in the County "24" Challenge, the Geography Bee, and she received the Award for Academic Excellence!!

Our wonderful principal, Mrs. Wolford will also be leaving this year so it was a very emotional ceremony for her as well.

And just like that, these amazing kids who have grown up together are now off to Middle School!!

I loved these silhouette portraits that one of the 5th grade moms did for all the graduating students.

There's Abigail!!

After the ceremony, the 5th graders had a fun-filled day with lots of food, games, and activities. She came home and displayed her two award certificates. One for completing 5th Grade, the other for her achievement in Academic Excellence.

I am so proud of this girl of mine. She has worked so hard and we are incredibly grateful for the wonderful teachers and support staff who have made her Elementary years so enjoyable. It's difficult to believe that she will be in Middle School next year, but I know she will do amazing things there as well.

The future is bright Miss Abby!! We can't wait to see all that you do and become over the next few years!!