Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Is it in me?

So I have been rolling around the idea of running a marathon. In the last few months I have really gotten back into running again and I have actually found that I am faster and in better shape now than I was before I had Abby. I guess this is fairly common for a lot of women as the changes that occur both during and after pregnancy can help enhance exercise performance.

From what I have read..."during pregnancy your cardio is enhanced - your blood volume increases by about 40 percent and your heart rate increases about 15 beats a minute to supply the growing baby mild exercise 24 hours a day over 40 weeks, adding just a little more load each day, your respiratory rate increases, thus raising your oxygen uptake. Apparently just being pregnant is great marathon training."

So since I am perhaps in the best shape of my life, I figure that this would be a good time to accomplish my goal of running a full marathon. I have done several half-marathons and I always felt really good about training for and accomplishing those 13.1 miles, but I have always wanted to do the entire thing....26.2 miles to glory, right? My sister Tasha is considering running another marathon this November in Richmond, Virginia and I think I will run it with her. The only thing that would prevent me at this point is becoming pregnant before then (definitely a possibility) but then maybe I could just run the 5-mile race that is held the same day. I have already printed out a training schedule and I am actually pretty excited about the whole prospect of training for and running it. Call me crazy, but I think I'm going to do this!!!

Miss Mozart

So I got out of the blogging routine (didn't take long, huh?) We actually are running low on battery for our digital camera and I think that the cords we need to charge it are packed away, so needless to say, we haven't been taking too many pictures lately. Hopefully that will change once we get settled into our new place in Maryland. The big move is coming up next week and we are really excited about it. We can't wait to have lots of visitors too (hint, hint!!)

Abby has really been talking up a storm lately. Usually just a few recognizable words thrown in with a lot of jabbering. She has also started to sing (or at least makes the attempt) and it is just too cute. I think she definitely takes after Jason in her musical talents!! One of her favorite things to do since she was a baby has been to practice her piano skills on the keyboard. I thought these pictures were so cute with her little feet dangling right below the bench. Jason and I both love that she is so into music.

Abby's talents aren't only in singing and playing the piano however. She is also quite impressive on the dance floor. Whenever we put some music on, you are guaranteed to see some twirling, hip shaking, and head nodding action. We have had several strangers take pictures of her while she is "shaking her groove thing" in public. What a little ham!!