Friday, June 9, 2017

Landon turns 9!

Well this handsome young man turned 9 years old on Sunday, June 4th. He wasn't thrilled about having his birthday on a Sunday this year, but we tried to still make it a special day for him. He got to open his presents that morning and spent the rest of the day playing with his new gifts!

Not only was Landon excited about his new presents, there were a lot of other excited little people running around too!

Cards with money from Grandma & Grandpa Call and my sisters were a big hit as well!

After a yummy dinner of mashed potatoes, rolls and chicken (his favorite!) we invited our neighbors, the Maynes over to eat some ice cream and cake with us.

He managed to blow out all nine candles on the first try!

The next day we went out to eat at his most favorite place in the world...Golden Corral. His Cleveland grandparents would be proud! He got to attend Cub Scouts on Tuesday as a Bear for the first time and he has his birthday party this coming Saturday. It will be a week-long celebration for his 9th birthday this year!!

Landon has definitely started to grow up more this year. Yes, he is still as loud and crazy as ever, but more reasonable and responsive to correction than in the past. He is ridiculously smart, a whiz at math, has passed all of his reading and math levels at school and continues to amaze us with his athletic skills. He is super competitive (still trying to work on that one!) but we love his drive and zest for life. 

We sure do love this little nine-year-old!!

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